Ozken Transformer

Address: Çayır Mahallesi Çilingir Sokak No:7 Yenişehir Bursa

Phone: 0 532 773 09 43



As Özken Transformer, we produce the fastest and most suitable solution for our valued customers in Bursa. You can get a quick price quote by contacting us by phone or e-mail.

Repair and maintenance operations of low voltage transformers are carried out by our company. We can custom manufacture your low voltage transformer needs. We also manufacture low voltage transformers as a subcontractor.

Predictive maintenance in medium voltage transformers is very important in order not to encounter larger failures. For this reason, it controls your medium voltage transformers with planned maintenance periods that we have created specifically, and makes it possible for us to intervene without power cuts in case of potential major faults. We also do the repair and winding of defective medium voltage transformers. If you want to create a maintenance period for your MV transformers or for the repair and winding processes of your defective medium voltage transformers, you can contact us via mail or phone. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Winding and maintenance operations of electric motors are also carried out by our company. We can solve your problems as quickly as possible by contacting us in case of malfunctions such as the electric motor not working, noisy operation, and overheating. We also provide spare parts for electric motors. Various parts of electric motors such as propellers, propeller bowls, terminal blocks, capacitors, mechanical switches, bearing covers are available in stock. You can inquire about the stock status of the spare parts you request by contacting us with the information of your engine. You can contact us by e-mail or phone to get a price quote for the winding of your electric motors.