MV Transformers

MV transformers have a life of about 30 years. However, it is possible to extend this period with regular maintenance and improvements. As Özken Transformer, we assist you in the maintenance, repair and commissioning of your MV transformers.

With the tests we have done, the status of your transformer will be reported to you in detail. In addition, the periodic controls are recorded and you are informed in advance at the next maintenance time. In addition, we inform you about the critical tests and maintenance.

Our Power Transformer Tests

TTR (Transformer Turning Ratio) Test
Transformer Insulation Resistance Test
Winding Resistance Test
Electrical, Chemical and Physical Tests of Transformer Oil (%PF, Dielectric Strength, Water Amount, Density, Color)
According to the test results, the oil that cannot meet the necessary conditions is subjected to cleaning, purification and dehumidification processes with our fully automatic transformer oil renewal machine, so that it can be used again.
The problems you will experience in your medium voltage transformers will cause you long-term power outages. Periodic checks must be made to avoid such situations. Some of the tests are done under energy, but some tests must be carried out in the workshop environment. We are planning with you and maintenance and testing processes are completed in the fastest way. Thus, the maintenance and testing processes are completed, leaving you at a minimum level in a de-energized state.

In case of a major malfunction in your transformer, we offer you the fastest solutions. Therefore, we reduce your energy interruption to a minimum.