About Us

Our company was established in 1990 on winding. We are proud to serve you, our valued customers, for years. We are improving ourselves every year by adhering to the vision of renewal, maximizing our technology, customer satisfaction, and providing services in areas that will find solutions to all of our customers’ problems, which we started in 2020.

Our principle is to provide faultless but reliable service to the needs of our valued customers on time with the most economical solutions. It is our goal to take every precaution that will make our company different from the competition by providing a continuous increase in our service quality every day and to carry our reliability to the highest levels.

In the adventure that we started with the winding of electric motors, we have expanded our field since 2020. We continue the winding works, as well as repair and maintenance of LV transformers and MV transformers.

We aim to fully adapt to you with our renewed system. By improving ourselves in this regard, we can be included in the online systems of purchasing units. In addition, we ensure 100% compliance with your Periodic, Predictive and Proactive maintenance documents by being included in the maintenance processes. In addition, we adopt all your process documents as a unit under you, not as an outside company.

It has been our principle to take the fastest actions so that our customers do not experience downtime. Therefore, we attach extra importance to the periodic checks of all related equipment. In addition, we support you to produce the fastest solutions for the problems you encounter.

We wish to work with you, our valued customers, for many more years with our expert staff. We offer our love and respect.